Monday, March 14, 2011

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You know, I’ve never considered myself a very good student.  Once I left my private, Catholic grade school to the public school for 7th grade I realize it wasn’t as difficult as before, and realized I didn’t have to try as hard to get by.  I never recovered that sense of motivation and cruised through both Junior High School as well as High School doing the bare minimum of work that was required of me. I don’t know if this was the beginning or even if it has anything to do with my now pronounced routine of procrastination.

I have a bad habit of putting schoolwork of till, oh I don’t know, 3:43 a.m. the day its due. Why? I don’t know, I am distracted very easily and I’m pretty sure I have at least a mild case of A.D.D., though I’ve never been tested. I always manage to find better things to do instead of homework.  Whether it is browsing Reddit, playing Halo, watching TVs, or even finding food, anything sounds better than doing homework.

This whole procrastination setting that I find myself in so often is the reason I had a marathon blogging session today. Let me tell you, it wasn’t one of my best days.  I realized that I was never cut out to be a “blogger.” I have a hard enough time finding things to say in everyday conversations and having to think of 350 words about an obscure topic was daunting to say the least. To repeatedly do this all day was rough, but I finally reached the end.  One would think that days like today would help me stop procrastinating and actually start doing work at a reasonable time, but it has had no effect thus far, hopefully a change will come at some point because this gets old rather quickly, and it ends up taking a much longer time then it would if I just sat down and got everything out of the way in the beginning. 

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